Thursday, January 15, 2009

Be my valentine, will you?

Guess what, me the laziest student got chosen to join ICAEW ( Institute of chartered accountants in England and Wales) 's talk & interview on next tuesday.
Its currently the most recognized accounting profession, the highest level of accounting degree.

I'm still in shock. wtf did you just see the word interview.
Well, if i were lucky enough, i'll be paid by them for the course, and will get the chance to work in the famous big five.
But you'll have to study and work at the same time.
Heheheh, I've no idea why I got the offer since my class performance was kinda bad, and my results weren't really good, compared to the others.
Maybe its just a random selection. Who knows.

Yes, I can't even handle ACCA and now i'm talking bout ICAEW. Lol.


I'm emo.
Cheer me up.