Friday, January 9, 2009

Shut up and listen.


I smile when I am fascinated, I smile when I am scared, I smile when I am admired, I smile when I’m hiding something, I smile when I want to say odd things, I smile when I’m being bitchy, I smile when I’m shy, I smile when I’m about to get angry, I smile when I wanted to cry.
Can you define my smile.

Yes I'm still living in my very own world.

The starting of college is well, nothing interesting.
I miss last year. Acca is fucking frustrating, classes are boring and I'm not satisfied with some lecturers, today Kush and I failed to transfer group.
I miss the laughters we used to have, miss talking and gossiping in class.
Miss bullying ball. Hahahha yes, I still can but without van this time.
Miss sitting on the comfy seats, not the seats in audi which cause me to have backache.
Miss the old lecturer, Mr Akbar.

I hate studying law.
I can't afford to have nine hours class in a day.
I hate to be controlled by you.
I miss brown stick. :)