Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bye, 2008.

Hello there blogger, I'm back here, and yeah Xanga was being such a b*tch so I decided to get my ass back to Alright I started to miss my previous xanga blog. :( Oh well its a new year and I've got a new blog, doesn't it sound better.

Yes its year 2009!
And I have got all my friends by my side, partying and counting down for the arrival of new year, it was seriously awesome. Special thanks to Serra Lin, who being such a great friend yesterday night.

We had our countdown celebration at the curve. Serra was my partner of the night, since everyone brought the bf there, left both of us- the loners. Hahaha yep I was TRYING very hard not to be emo.

Heheheh last year Laundry's countdown event was a bomb, the dance floor rox to the max.
This year's wasn't as nice as last year's but still okayyy.

Everyone paid 50 bucks for the cover charge, the lucky us went there earlier for dinner so we didn't have to queue up like the others.

FOOD!!!! SalMON. :)
Someone took almost an hour to finish it. I wonder who.

Meet ma partner.

New year eve menu.

Steph, Sze, Serra, Zel.

@ laundry.

HAHAHA. No comment.

Glue sticks. -.-



My addiction. Lol.

The lightings and the dance floor.

Lovely birds.

Dance like there's no tomorrow.


Talking bout this, as we were walking on the road there were some m*lay guys spraying us with the freaky liquid/soap or whatever thing that you call it, right on my face. We were all wet, that got me really pissed.

Even though there may be times
It seems I'm far away
Never wonder where I am
Cause I am always by your side.

Homecooked supper. :)

Here is a little note of MY New Year Resolutions/ Wish list:

- Pass all my exams, get my time organized so there'll be no last minute work.
- Be happy and relax, no more emoness. ( I doubt. )
- Everything in my life will go on smoothly.
- Upgrade myself and be a better person.
- Be healthy, no more sickness, no cramp- hopefully.
- Save money, spend less.
- Get my license, as soon as possible! Or get a private driver. :P

Last, Happy New Year!

Signing off,