Friday, January 23, 2009

Honey bum.

Yes finally she's back to M'sia after a year.
The very last time I saw her was during 08' prom.
Time passes really fast, indeed.
Oh well we managed to catch up for a drink today, since I'll be leaving to Tp tomorrow.

Anyway, she's still the same she.
Drama queen?

Listen up, she never failed making me laugh. Why?

First when we met up, guess what happened.
She didn't really greet me, the first sentence that came out from her mouth was,
"Oh my god, I think I need to buy a pants, this dress is so short and I can't even bend down. Shittt. "
" Hmmmm, you didn't know before this?"
" No, I wore like this for like few times when I was in Aussie and no one told me bout it! I just realised that."
" Welllllllll, so what now?" -.-

Lunch @ Vietnam Kitchen.

The happy faces.

Ting tingggg.

Shutup, I know what you're thinking. Lol.

Rach is blowing you kisses. Say hello to my fringe. :D

PS/ Thank you for the lil gift from you, its so pink. Hearts.