Thursday, February 26, 2009

I remember...

That morning I helped you to blow dry your hair right after your quick bath, we were in a rush for breakfast since mama was waiting for us.

That evening you and I went for our first shopping (official') You were being a real man, I had to admit that, you had a good sense of fashion, well I mean, for ladies. So yes, I loved your company especially the way you picked up those lovely pieces of clothes and handed them to me. What I needed to do was just sitting down in the fitting room, tried them on, did some lil fashion shows and finally, got the comments from you. That was, cool. Lol and fun.

That afternoon I wasn't feeling well, was lying on my bed. Then you came in, erm yea I wasn't really pleasant that you woke me up that very moment BUT you were holding me so comfortably till both of us felt asleep. Sweet wasn't?

That night we were downstairs ordering pizzas, alright something came into your mind all of a sudden, I had no idea what. You insisted me to kiss you in front of those three guys who were actually staring at us, but well, me being the usual me, I didn't. Secretly I wanted to.

Now I started asking myself,
am I independent enough?