Saturday, April 11, 2009

Forgive me.

Hello people, i've been very busy; and tiring these days, didn't even have time for blogging. Yesterday got back the last piece of papers, i failed terribly; well i should put it this way, i failed all three subs in pt2. Cool no?

I'm in doubt still, whether is it right for me to take this freaky accounting course. Boohoo, i'm not gonna give up that easy yes? 

Anyway after knowing majority of the classmates passed taxation paper, my mood changed; how sad. No choice; i skipped class and hanged out @ pyramid with Ju, Serra, Steph and Nick, to distress. I was emo ing all the while; decided to watch movie before taking lunch; was in dilemma, fast and furious or he's just not that into you?

Last decison made;
Overall the movie was stupid; lame; boring; expected; plus the sucky environment.

Headed to;
It was obviously not my choice; nando's chicken is so damn dry and i still prefer dave's deli and kenny rogers.
What people usually order; chicken chicken and, chicken.
Me didn't feel like eating just chicken alone; ordered a grilled chicken burger.
To be honest; it was really bad.
Hahha friday's is always the best.