Friday, May 8, 2009


The ending and a new beginning.
Its five in the morning; i couldn't sleep.
I'm not sure why am i staying up till so late; not doing anything but just wondering around.
I've been wasting time; well i'm feeling the guiltiness but yet;
i just can't get myself focus on my studies.
I really needed someone to talk to; especially at this silent night; 
at this time i don't think anyone is available.
Days passed by; 
peanut told me something meaningful this morning;-
new day new blessing; don't let yesterdays' failures ruin the beauty of today; because each day has its own
but i'm starting everyday with the same tone.
Sometimes i do think that its a good thing; i've not much thoughts with me compared to last time; unlike few months back i had one hell of an emotional roller coaster ride. 
Now i started to appreciate what i have in my life; 
people around me, those who actually care bout me;
i swear that; i'm not gonna repeat the same mistake i made in the past.
Its too late to apologize for my wrongful acts; i'm not asking for forgiveness but still
i'm here to leave you/s a sorry; sincerely.
I believe everyone makes mistake/s; who doesn't.
Shall stop here; last but not least much thankyouus for those who are always there for me; 
to share my pain; i can tell that even a boyfriend can't do that much. xxxx.
Oh well i'm off to bed;


* the song has been deleted; i think its irritating.