Thursday, May 7, 2009

Secret love; i'm feeling back the warmth after so long.

Well; i told myself i was not gonna on the laptop but i just did; feeling disappointed on me; today's- most of the time i spent to sleep; in the library; at home; even skipped class to go pyramid; was planning to get mom's present but failed; visited hazel since it was her first day of working; everything seemed to be fine btw.

I'm glad that tomorrow i need not to get up from the bed at 6 plus but at the noon; :) lazybum serra skipped class to attend yoga this morning; i was sleeping in the library with my bag on the table- treating it as ma pillow; julie and steph were in class, as usual; we then met up during break time and were waiting for nick @ foyer ( three 15mins ) * lol inside joke.

Anyway had lunch at macD; had fun talking; i was laughing all the while at nick's random jokes; julie was really hyper and everyone got influenced by steph's KNS. HAHAHA.
Okay my post is getting randomm; shall stop here; pictures i feel like uploading. :P

@ grandpa's place.
Ps;/ i know the pictures' quality is bad.
Fongchuanjiunn if your reading this; sorry for deleting it; giggles*