Monday, June 15, 2009

I can't predict the future honey.

hey people out there, i'm feeling a lil emotional so i'm here to write.
writting helps, erm in a way i guess; apparently, i always feel better after typing the words out, whatever.
this post might be saved as a draft which i'm gonna delete it sooner or maybe not.
but yeah, i don't really care.
i'm living for almost 19 years; thinking back; hard times i've been through all these years;
well of course i enjoyed part of my life too;
by meeting awesome people & people/ friends who were so close to me last time
and i just lost them in few months time, or maybe less.
but well, i appreciate everything i had in the past;

i feel like i'm old talking bout all these but i just need to.

honest to say that, i didn't believe in love;
& i cant say that i'm now completely believing in love.
its reality.
what i know is i've changed.
just stay it that way.
don't ever hurt me.



btw, i'll enjoy my day tomorrow; lets get crazy babeh. xxx.
ps; i love my holiday.