Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I spell love l.o.v.e.

You are L.I.K.E.

my teddy; you're so nice to hug; i can always hug you when i feel like.
the spongebob; you make me laugh whenever i'm down.
the king; you protect me when i'm feeling weak.
the sweets; you pour sugar on me and get me addicted to it.
my pillow; which i could hide my tears on at the night. 
the tissue; that wipes my cries off.
the swimming tube; prevents me from drowning into the sea which is full of sadness.
the blanket; i need you when my heart is cold, inside.
the ice cream; which never fails to cheer me up.
the umbrella; i feel safe under you; with your existence.
the honey; for me, your sweetness is always unlimited.
the MacD service ( hahha i can't think of any) ; 24 hours available for me.