Sunday, July 26, 2009

25th, a promise was made.

Just got back home not long ago,
went to the KDU's event; RAVE 2 SAVE.
Oh well, people there weren't that happening.
Not like i'm very happening,
but they were just sitting down during the performances;
that reminds me of acca ( my course).
Hahahha, oh maybe it was the timing, i went for one hour plus only.
At the noon, wrong timing i guess?
The lighting was awesome.
The so called paramore band.
Goody bag items. :P
We then headed to The Curve.
Vain nya.
Yours truly.
Again. :/
Ice Age 3 in 3D, omg it was so nice.
I'm so gonna watch Up in 3D! :D
I freaking like this.
It may not look nice in the picture but its taste is just simply perfect.

I'm done,
going to wash up then sleep.