Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Let me teach you.

Ignore the fat face. :/
Anyway, my new sem starts on this fri or next monday;
and i'm so not going to the boring orientation.
( Yes deal with it, ACCA is always so dead).
Hopefully i can get into the groups i want.
Next sem is going to be quite hectic;
the schedule is packed, oh well i'm taking three subs; bless me.

* * *

I had a surprise breakfast few days back.
It was . . . , well i like surprises but sometimes they kinda freak me out.
Like waking up in the early morning, with your messy look/ hair;
suddenly there's someone in the living room waiting for you;
- 'omg! your breakfast is delivered.'
You have no idea how it feels like,
when you look feaking weird/ funny in your pyjamas or whatever, :(
someone just appears at the doorstep.

Ps I love having dim sum as my breakfast.

I want my the sims 3!