Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Ice cream is nice; its creamy and filling;
besides, it looks prettier and of course its tastier, for me it is;
its nearly perfect i can tell.
However, it melts faster compared to popsicle.
Cream or ice, which one do you think it'll melt first?
Best moments wont last for long, its just simply true.
You can't taste/ have the best thing anytime in any situation once its gone.

Altho ice creams are better, than popsicles, in some ways.
Still, i'll choose popsicle, since it wont melt so fast; well it might not taste the best.

Sometimes people just tend to choose what they want in their life
without thinking what will happen later/ in the future.

This is random; the thought just came into my mind when i saw the picture.

PS:/ i'm feeling miserable.

I'm off,