Tuesday, July 21, 2009

No more love, its limited.

I'm serious this time,
You make me do this.

What is worse than empty lined paper,

lying in front of you?

A pencil moving light and slowly,
beautifully but tired, over the sheet?

Drawing circles in your head,
but on the paper nothing is written?

The head upon the pillow,
the eyes are nearly closed. Dreaming far away.

In this dream, nothing has changed. Bright it is,
and oh, so wonderful.

Dreams turns into nightmares. Nightmares into reality.
Reality is once again worse than dreams.

What is then worse than empty lined paper?
Reality I tell you my friend.

Had a long nap this noon, till now i'm still feeling a bit tired and blur. Skipped f5 class today. Don't take it wrong- Not like i love pontenging classes ( well actually who doesn't like to ponteng). ; its because my concentration was damn low after two classes of f7 ( trying to come out with excuses). ; altho i spent most of the time in class talking to steph and ju + stoning. I seriously dislike this sem, in average i've three days coll in a week; but nine- hours- class in a day sometimes really drives me mad. ACCA results will be out on 17th of Aug, i'm gonna pray hard so that i'll pass with flying colours ( no way! What i want is just a PASS).

Alright, tomorrow is a holi, i'm so gonna relax myself. :)