Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tears can sometimes be more special than smiles; for smiles can be given to anyone but tears are only shed for people we love.

I woke up at 3 plus this noon, wasn't feeling quite well.
Decided not to go out with parents so that I could get some rest at home; going out for dinner tonight.

Sighs. Coll starts on monday and I realized something when I was looking through the schedule.
i'll have my first progress test on the early of aug; crazy.

So i'm here to post bout yesterday's outing.
First we went to Mont Kiara; the traffic was kinda bad.
Here is 33 and I. ( inside joke).
Camwhored much. :P
Yours truly.
We then headed to curve for dinner and supper ( Donuts). (:
Mine. Mexican Double Beef Burger.
It was huge; well I didn't manage to finish them.
His, the Double Gourmet Sausage.
Heart shaped- Mocha.
Us again.
Candid shots.
Goodbye readers.