Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Don't come here baby, i'll walk to you.

Hello, emo girl is back in action. Emo girl skipped alot of classes recently. She couldn't take the stress and frustrations of having such long classes everyday, and she decided to watch the proposal this noon, hoping that the comedy would at least help her in relieving stress. She has no idea what kinda stress she's having, not to say she studies everyday/ week. Waking up so early in the morning makes her feel damn moodless, seriously. Friday she'll be having her first progress test of the new sem. One stack of thick notes she has gotto finish by thurs, its sorta impossible. She has a feeling that she's gonna fail, but not too badly til everyone thinks that she's too dumb to be in acca. Daddy just asked her if she wanna stay at sunway hostel next year, she's still considering. Well, she's gonna take a short nap now, yeah a short one. Or maybe i'll wake up tomorrow before 2pm to study. Life is never easy. :(