Friday, August 14, 2009

The feeling is indescribable.

I was kinda blur the whole day, maybe it was because I slept late yesterday and had to wake up at six, only managed to catch two hours of sleep. Watched this movie, my mom's new boyfriend and it was just plainly boring. Most of the time my eyes were half opened, staring at the laptop on my bed with all lights off. I'm getting my june finals' results on monday, kinda nervous, hopefully everything will go well, I'm so not gonna fail either of the papers. * Touch wood.
Oh btw, mtv world stage will be held @ sunway lagoon tomorrow, alot of bands are going. Felt like going at first but it would be hell crowded AND I will not want to take a risk of getting H1N1. Unless you're gonna wear a mask to the concert? I wonder if anyone would do that.
Sigh. The virus is spreading faster nowadays, innocent people die within few days. People should take good care of yourselves, be clean, consume sufficient water and vitamins everyday, stay at home if you're sick. Will you, Pleaseee? (:
Words are often kept deep down inside the heart...
till the right time has come..

Oh baby the night is so lonely
The moment I closed up my eyes,
I can't stop thinking of you.
Staring out from the windows,
wishing that you were here.
I can't believe that you mean so much to me,
I miss you so much
when I think of how you kissed me.
I need you to know
that i'll love you forever,