Thursday, August 20, 2009

Food, yes foooood.

Monday's stop.
Hartz chicken buffet.
We didn't really eat much tho, spent around 30 mins there.
Say NO to those. :/
And say YES to these. (:
Some malay food, something like mixed rice ( zap fan),
lol i didn't even bother to try it.
Tada. Eat less of these.
I just had one piece of crispy chicken wing & fried onion ringssss. Hahhaha.
Reminds me of OIL= FATSSS.

Today's stop.
Shogun japanese buffet.
Yum yum I stayed there for 2 hours plus,
well not eating all the time of course.
Soft shell crabs my all time fav. :D
We had green tea, yam, sweet corn, mat kool ice creams!
Each flavour one scoop! * Jokes.
Btw the above pictures are not by me. (:
He kissed the cup.
Me with my boxing chic.
Yes i know i know, shut up.
Same persons, same place. Diff edits.
Watched orphan, it was out today.
You should watch it. Its scary.
I'll rate it; 7.9/ 10.
I can't on my phone since noon. Sigh.
Good bye!