Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Its been awhile, a real long time I should say.
Hello there.
I've a sudden urge to re- activate this blog for some reasons;
  • A new place for me to relieve my emotions, instead of having them stuck in my head.
  • As a hobby; to improve my typing & writing skills. Lol.
. . . . . Its also plainly for fun.

Well its a brand new year and I've got alot alot of plans and resolutions for the year. :)


Anyway lately I've come across something really interesting.
I often ask myself, how does one change his/ her personality so fast?
In short, why do some people have two faces-
( two different personalities- acting completely diff when they face diff things/ people)

Personally I find it scary,
well I mean its okay sometimes for us to hide our emotions like angry or sad etc,
but not to the extent that you will need to change your true self
( like your opinion about one specific thing when you're facing two diff ppl.)

I see no point doing it, it freaks me out.

I'll stop here.


And i just realized that the blog was left untouched for the whole year 2010.