Friday, July 17, 2009


I'm still on the bed; since yesterday noon.
Have been suffering for the whole night.
Skipped classes in the morning
and was forced to seek for the doctor after dinner.

First i thought it was just gastric,
well i didn't know gastric would be that pain;
it was even worse than period cramp. It made me tear;
and i tried eating any food i could grab from the kitchen,
but that didn't help at all;
the pain can hardly go off, even till now. :(

Fever came in yesterday morning when i got up,
i didn't really care at first till my body temperature gone up so high suddenly.
Well hopefully the doc's assumption was wrong, it couldn't be dengue.
Might be going to hosp for a checkup soon.

I'm just gonna do a recap of yesterday's outing.
@ some chinese restaurant, the service was bad;
food wasn't that nice too.
My em song face, i looked very bad;
was in pain so yea. -___-
He was the only one eating, i had no appetite.
Fake roses but look real.
Sushi. :)
Harry potter and the half blood prince;
i don't get it, whats so nice bout the show.

Thats it, time to get rest.