Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I adore you.

Went for a swim yesterday night & this evening.
Well this evening, not exactly. I got myself half wet;
was playing with 33.
I threw his flops into the pool. :)
Supposed to do our work @ the cafe but it was closed for renovation.
Chicken and egg sandwich. :)
I've been eating alot, yeah i mean it ALOT.
Tummy is getting bigger.
Now i'm craving for
with egg.


I still don't understand . . .

Why some girls like to stick on those
fake eye lashes to college everyday?;

not like they'll look extra pretty or the eyes will have more electicity?
Personally i think that the lashes are so heavy and uncomfy.
I wore it once and i got damn pissed off.

They don't look pretty but fake.
LOL but yes, i've to admit that they do look pretty on the cameras.

These are coming soon. :)
Got the pictures from my old blog. :P
Order from me if you want any, new designs are coming out. <3

Btw tuck got me the mu ticket; going on this sat. :)